Tomb of Annihilation Review

Tomb of Annihillation Publisher WotC 256 pages 5 chapters 6 appendices   Tomb of Annihilation is tied to a classic adventure; Tomb of Horrors which was extremely difficult.  Keeping that in mind it should be noted that this isn’t for the weak at heart- there is a good chance that players will have several characters die. I suggest that they show up to play with a few back up options because Tomb of Annihilation is just as difficult. The players are intorduced into the adventure by learning about the Death Curse. Which is really nasty if you’ve ever died. Basically the disease attacks the health of anyone who has managed to brought back to life, that is their health begins to decay. Oh, and if you die the Death Curse prevents your soul from being reanimated by any means, it seems even the gods are powerless. With the mission set first level PC’s begin their adventure to deal with the Death Curse that if they are lucky enough to complete will put them up to about eleventh value. Before ta

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