Fearless Foraging

4.868.018.M41Sergeant Hammer was released after only a few cycles in the medicae facility at the expansiveHaldivar Starport. He had required some serious bone refabrication and muscle stitching and rebuilding, but didn't require any organ regrowth. "Peachy" McGough and Loiselle were kept in quarantine and not allowed to return with him - as they had potentially been exposed to some unknown xenos parasites. It was Hammer's intention to muster the section and anyone else he could and much back out into the jungle to hunt down the vile Xenos that had killed "Doc" Sanders and grievously wounded himself and others. In a debriefing at the Squadron HQ he had leaned the creatures they encountered were the hated "Tyranids". It was imperative to gather as much intelligence as possible about the numbers and dispositions of the terrible xenos threat - to determine the extent of the infestation and where best to direct orbital bombardment. However, upon return to the Troop's Forward Operation Base, he found a si

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