Saga continues, the death of Henri the 2nd. Kontynuacja sagi, śmierć Henryka II.

Our Norman saga continues. Forces of Rolund has been beaten. His ally Rolf get killed and he had to withdraw to his lands. The situation was very bad. Henri together with bishop Luidolf moved their forces against Rolund. However Rolund decided to prevent this and send for help to his brother in law Rudolf the Insane and to Rolf's brother Reinar. Both respond positively for this call. Rudolf arrived to the Rolund's land soon after Rolf's death and took command over the whole forces as the much more experienced. However there was no news from Reiner, yet. Rudolf moved whole his army on the border of Rolund's lands to cross the way incoming army of Henri. For the game we used the Hail Caesar rules.Kontynuacja naszej normańskiej sagi. Siły Rolunda zostały pobite. Jego sprzymierzeniec Rolf został zabity, musiał więc wycofać swoje siły na swoje ziemie. Sytuacja była bardzo zła. Henri razem z biskupem Luidolfem ruszył przeciw Rolundowi. Jednakże Rolund postanowił temu przeciwdziałać i posłał po pomoc do swojego szwa

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