The Great Wall of China: The Hidden Story

Okay, cry with me.  This documentary (part of the Secret History line of documentaries) premiered the last sunday of september 2018 on "our" Discovery channel.It was originally aired in... 2014!!!!It handles about one of the biggest manmade structures and engineering feats mankind ever made: the Great Wall of China, which was build over a period of 2400 years and various dynasties, a period "broken up" by Mongol rule (and it originally failed to keep them out as intended).Now, the biggest revelation perhaps is that there is no Great Wall.  It are actually 16 different walls linked together as it turned out, then unified into one connecting structure over time.Another intresting piece was the way the mortar kept the wall together as good as it does, over all those 1000s of years.  It's not like legend says by the bones of deceased workers grinded into it... but by your every day kitchen ingredient, sticky rice.But perhaps for me the most awesome part was the signalling method of flags and even b

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