HOF121 SFA Bear Cat Battlesuit 15mm released!

A new code added to the HOF 15mm Science Fiction range for November 2018.  Security Force Alpha (SFA) brings the stompy in with a battlesuit kit fit for anything for low to high intensity warfare and also civilian construction and repair roles (six build options in the pack).  These follow up on the SFA Personalities and Dogs last time as well as  Tracker Wheeled Bikes and Portable Weapon Platforms with Gun Crew plus the Trencher Tracked Bikes from previous releases and are great for any game system and fit right in with the rest of the array of the SFA. Go HERE or read on for more.Remember our Black Friday Season Event is on now!Until 9am GMT Tuesday 27th November our Black Friday Season Mega Event is on. We have automatic Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders over 15GBP of product placed in the cart (you need do nothing but add to cart but please note tracked shipping remains a flat 10GBP charge to select) and we have TEN brand new releases too during the event.  Each of thes

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