Six Gun Sound - 1st Night in Devil's Elbow

Maybe you’re an Outlaw looking for a place to lay low. Or maybe you’re a Mountain Man, Cowboy, or Gambler running from the law, or someone else. No questions asked and no questions answered. We don’t judge you here in Devil’s Elbow and you better not judge us. ************Devil’s Elbow is a tucked away place in the mountains of New Mexico.Billy Pink (Rep 5 Star Jack of All Trades) has just entered Devil's Elbow for the first time. I decide to go to the Golden Lady Saloon. Devil's Elbow has 7 buildings to choose from and each has a number of PEFs (Possible Enemy Force) to be resolved, based on the Day Part - Daytime or Nighttime. It's Nighttime so there's 5. The first one in the Golden Lady is always Kat Dushae, the owner. There are 5 different Non-Player Characters in Devil's Elbow, each with a Special Ability. I won't go into detail about Kat, but it's a good idea to Sweet Talk her.I roll for the second PEF and score Townsfolk and Gambler. Billy interacts with them and gains a favorable result so gains 1 Inc

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