Black lining crucible guard

I'm a slop and wash kind of guy. Most things I use a sepia or brown ink and apply said ink and wash to all places.You can see this here. The exposed skin dudes have a brown wash, the bases and gun barrels have sepia washes. However, given the lighter color of the Crucible Guard armor, I've been going with black line and shading.It's a more precise method than I'm used to. I also don't apply it to as many places. In case of the Crucible Guard infantry, I put black lining on the helmet crest , around the faceplate, and between the armor plates along the skirt of their coats. If I'm feeling really ambitious, I attempt to black line the leg plates of their armor and the dip in and separation between plates on their shoulders and arms.There are weird spots, too, like the rounded shoulder/torso for the light warjacks Vanguard and Retaliator, but I just do the best I can and simulate shading by straight painting black along the bottom of the rounded edges.This leads to some over application, but I often rely on high

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