Why Not

It is almost Christmas and my Birthday, so despite the 'we are too old for presents' clause in my marital contract, don't panic, this doesn't kick in until your hair starts growing inward instead of outward i.e. nose and ears, I am going to do well this year. I am off to the Indigo at the O2 Arena to see the Dualers actually on my birthday, I thought I had booked it but her indoors is adamant she did, so I caved, I shall be accompanied by my sons so another plus. I also decided to get myself something or more specifically things. I have it on the best of authorities that a Brexit No Deal will not harm the fabled Anderson Map Fortune which is fairly comfortable at the moment, despite Mark "We're all doomed" Carney at the Bank of England, so hence the spending spree.First up was a bunch of paints to replenish my stock and make sure I have enough to continue with the SYW project, I was also toying with another paint pot stack for the extra bottles I have in a box, but that can wait.I have been kind of fired up w

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