The Official White Dwarf Guide to making a 1000pt Army

Hi All,With people in full prep mode for OWAC 2 there can be a lot of angst when it comes to making your 1000 point army list. One tactic would be to just give points to what you want to paint and then any amount over the 200 points per month is just not considered.For the last challenge, I attempted to make a strict, legal 1000 point force. 1016 I think. I ended up adding a lot of stuff right at the end that brought it up to around 1300 and some, War Altar and wizards mostly.We've all heard that the Armies book, and its minimum troop requirements, were designed for 3000 point armies. It's also been kicking around for quite some time that you could just reduce the troop minimums by 1/3 or 2/3 for a 2000 or 1000 point army. Airbornegrove pointed out to me where you can find this in writing, White Dwarf 144.It's a pretty good article on a person's thinking for how they're going to start building an army, and I think what the intent of the OWAC really is, rather than being a straight up painting competition.See,

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