12mm Soviet 2K12 Kub from Butlers Printed Models

One Soviet 2K12 Kub (NATO designation SA-6 Gainful) Surface-to-air missile system. Available in 6mm (1/285), 12mm (1/144), 15mm (1/100), 20mm (1/76) and 28mm (1/56).The 2K12 "Kub" mobile surface-to-air missile system is a Soviet low to medium-level air defence system designed to protect ground forces from air attack.The accompanying 1S91 (Straight Flush) radar vehicle is available hereThe model needs to be assembled.  The parts supplied allow the missiles to be glued in place at one of three elevations.  Horizontal for transport, gently angled and steeply angled.Soviet 2K12 KubPictures shown are for 15mm modelsAll models supplied unpainted, unbased and without crew (figures)3D printed to orderButlers Printed Models

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