Steelhead CID: The Steelhead Arcanist

In Warmachine you can have an entire army of mercenaries representing both some of the smaller factions who just happen to hire out (Rhulic Dwarves) as well as full on Privateers (Talion Charter). For testing purposes, then, releases come out grouped according to those sub-groups.So the current CID is going to be Steelheads, one of the more famous Mercenary Companies operating in the Iron Kingdoms. They are full on mercenary and don't have any obvious goals aside from the acquisition of currency in exchange for labor.In their case, labor involves killing "bad guys" (the people who didn't pay them) for the "good guys" (the people who did).But I don't even care about all that. Never mind the fact that an all new set of artillery is getting added to the Mercenaries in this testing round. Ignore that there's a mechanic sitting inside the shell of a mechanized walker walking around like some kind of Sigourney Weaver space fantasy. Forget that there's a dwarf with an oversized pistol going around blasting at things

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