The Battle of Lessie's Moor : ECW using For King & Parliament

Steve came over for a game today and the table had been set up in readiness, using this play test scenario available on Simon Miller's website "Big Red Bat Cave".Here are the combatants and their dispositionsand here's the back storyTo fit my room, it was shrunk a little to 10' x 8', fighting across the central walk way. This is the Royalist sideand this the ParliamentarianSteve won the toss, so his Parliamentarians moved first and his first effort was to get his left wing cavalry brigade forward and over the hedge lineHis artillery opened firePlenty of noise and smoke - but they missed !Not what the Parliamentarian commander expected !Did I mention that a friendly land lord, Al Murray, has a pub in Lower Loxley ? Now the Royalists get to move and their right wing cavalry moves towards the enemy cavalry oppositeThe Royalist Foot brigade also moves upThe Royalist cavalry have succeeded in charging the enemy brigade and immediately cause disorder to both of the Parliamentarian regimentsThe Parliamentarian

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