NUTS! for WW2 Skirmish Gaming

A pretty common question I see on game discussion boards is — what game system should I use for WW2 skirmish gaming? I’ve played numerous systems, and my preferred WW2 skirmish system is NUTS! from Two Hour Wargames, where I’ve become an author of several NUTS books. The system work great from a handful of figures on up to a platoon per side on the table and is designed for head to head, co-op and solo gaming. I have a number of battle reports on my blog, all of them are co-op/same side games. NUTS! is a squad-level WW2 skirmish game based on THW’s “Chain Reaction” rule system, which eliminates many of the disadvantages of standard IGOUGO systems. In the game each player basically plays a squad leader, and starts the game with a core squad or vehicle that is “his” for the game or the campaign. Moral/training is represented by “Reputation” levels for each figure or unit, running from 1-6, which are the target numbers for dice rolls in the game. Each f

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