White Dwarf January 2019

A new year, and this time round a whole new White Dwarf, as it is totally revamped, going back to the essence.Or at least, that is what the advertisement says, but is it actually so?Starting this month, they say the magazine will focus back on the core essence of the GW Hobby, being the inclusion of far more "specified" articles, like heaps of new, OFFICIAL, rules for both their two main game systems as well as their Specialist ranges.  So let's dive in and see how it is filled up this month...Contact & Reader's Models- reader's letters and thier paintworksWorlds of Warhammer - the first of the new columns, giving an insight in how the world of Age of Sigmar is build.Deadly Venture - a short storyRules of Engagement - Jervis Johnson is back with a regular column, focusing on the design and evolution of Age of Sigmar.Blood on the Streets - the first set of new rules, giving more options for playing Skirmish battles.The Realm of Fire - modelling and painting in the realm of AqshyChildren of Chaos - a l

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