Norman Archers & Command

previous post hereSo here comes the third and final post for the Norman Army. In this we are focusing on the Norman Archers and the Command Stands. The Archers have all been assembled using the Conquest Games Medieval Archers and the Gripping Beast Dark Age Archers. I managed to squeeze out 8 units of these chaps – some of which can be used as skirmishers if required. A couple of observations on these plastic figures.Conquest ArchersGripping Beast ArchersFirst up the Gripping Beast figures appear to be slightly smaller in bulk against the Conquest ones and for that reason I have avoided where possible putting them on the same bases. The Conquest versions are beautifully sculpted and give the modeller plenty of opportunity to create plenty of different poses. Indeed you can give them short or long bows. These are probably the best of the range that I have seen from conquest and despite being called medieval archers on the box they have a very strong dark age flavour – conical helms and short mail coats. S

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