[EN/PL] Landsknechts V: Wir sind des Geyers Schwarzer Haufen / We are Florian Geyer's Black Company / Jesteśmy Czarnym Hufcem Geyera

Hello everyone!The first historical entry on DwarfCrypt in the new year today. I return to one of my favorite topics- Landsknechts.I will take a closer look at the Black Company by Florian Geyer and show three new soldiers painted for the occasion. Other entries related to this multicolored formation can be found below:I. Sacco di Roma / The Sack of Rome / Złupienie Rzymu (1527)II. Landsknechts II: Dopplesoldiers / Landsknechci - Podwójnożołdacy (Artizan Designs)III. Landsknechts III: Regiment (Warlord Games)IV. Landsknechts IV: Recruitment / Rekrutacja (Warlord Games)The original German name of the Black Company was Schwarzer Haufen. The term Schwarz (black) pointed out the ideological distance of the company from the large peasant army at that time, which called itself the Heller Haufen (Hell meaning "light-colored"). Black Lancknechts probably also distinguished black elements of uniforms. The German word Haufen was the name the peasants gave to their armed companies.   

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