China Lights 2018

Right before the end of 2018, I bought tickets for Noshi's birthday to go and see the China Lights festival in the Antwerp Zoo.This year featured a whole new story and set-up, so I admit that after marvelling at it two years ago, I was very curious as well to have a look.This edition's theme was the story of the Lotus Princess, or how a high born princess falls in love with a lowly soldier, against the will of her mother and father, the Emperor and Empress of China.The story is brought in a variety of chapters, and of course it begins with the festivities of the birth of the princess.As she grows up, she gets to meet the soldier in her father's army, and during a festival falls in love with him.Their love shunned upon, her mother sends her to a monastery, but after a vision with Buddha she turns into a butterfly and disappears.The soldier goes to see the old Gods, and they tell him how to find her again with the help of the Dragon Ship.Reunited, the princess turns back to her normal form, and their love is se

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