A Visit to Hillwood Estates

Last Saturday, my family and I went on a field trip to historic Hillwood Estates, the home of Ms. Marjorie Post, the American socialite that was a compatriot and confidant of Presidents, Premiers, actors, and gardeners.  Much could and has been written about this formidable woman.  She was a collector and patron of the arts, with a penchant for collecting the very best from 18th century France and Russian arts and artifacts.  In later life she took steps to convert her splendid Washington DC mansion and grounds into a permanent museum housing the treasures and art she collected in her lifetime.  I could write a very long blog post just about Post herself, but I will let Wikipedia do the talking this time.  Suffice to say she was as close to a Dowager Duchess as America has produced. It being a brisk yet bearable day, we drove up to Upper NW to the estate, which is north of the Zoo among the wealthy riffraff and about as far as you can get from the hoi polloi and still be inside the confines of the District of

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