Game Plan 2019 - Part Two

The other week I went over some of my hobby goals for the next year in Game Plan 2019. Since then I have spent much time considering how the heck I'm going to do any of it, let alone all of it!?GAMESWELL! I think I've more or less come up with a plan to make sure we get through most of our Family 10x10 Board Game Challenge AND I get to play the additional games I have in my personal Challenge.The 10x10 challenge requires playing at least 100 games in the year. Which is about two a week - a little less than two per week, actually. So I figured if we have two designated "Family Game Times" set aside each week, we should easily get through all those games. So we've kind of set aside Friday and Sunday evenings... Now not EVERY Friday and Sunday evening are going to work. This week, Amanda is at a First Aid class this Friday evening.... On Sunday I'll be playing a game of 40K with the fellow I'm going to be teaming up with for the Battle for the Abyss - Team Apocalypse Event.... Other Sundays we have tickets to Pe

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