Battle Report – Rescue Mission – Skirmish Sangin

Okay, this game was an exercise in improvisation. What was originally planned as an all-out assault on a rebel fortress (cancelled due to lack of painting time) became a massive multi-person game (until we lost some players due to double booking) until finally it was down to a tight, three person game. And what a game it was. SITUATION:BAZISTANUS MARSOC Team Sabre has been separated and immobilised behind enemy lines. Radio communications report their Humvee was damaged in an ambush and the team has sustained casualties.ISAF-AP forces are directed to recover injured personnel and destroy assets. Local National Forces are available to assist.Enemy militia forces are on site and moving to the target location. Motives unknown. ISTAR has spotted unknown forces among the Militia units.Objectives:ISAF-AP must fulfil the following objectives:MARSOC Team must be escorted off the board – MARSOC team cannot move until contacted by friendly troopsMARSOC Humvee must be destroyed by the use of in

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