Dumpsters and a library table

I made a rare trip to a model train store before Xmas and was unable to locate any of the buildings on my to-get list (including a stone church, a city hall or court house, and a bank). I did find some HO-scale dumpsters, though!These were three for $12 and about the only accessory that didn't cause my jaw to drop ($40 for a tow truck? really?). So I bought these along with some two-part modelling putty. They painted up okay and will add some nice LOS blocks.Back in early December I also picked up another WizKids' terrain pack from Red Claw. This included a library table and four stools. The table has a tiny bit of warping (no luck using hot water to bend it flat). That said, I'm reasonably happy with the results.I'm not sure what will get painted next--I hav some 25mm Cthulhu figures I got from Chen that have been eyeing me from the painting table (and they have lots of eyes).

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