Bag the Blenheims RAF Aircraft Sheets

I've come down with a stinking head cold but I'm still bashing away at the paperwork for the Lard Day Bag the Hun scenarios, so that they are done sooner rather than later and I can run a few play test games before the event. Here are the aircraft record sheets for both the Hurricane IIb's of 'A' Flight No185 Squadron and the Blenheim IV's of No18 Squadron, which I've modified for bombers and re-organised, three to a laminated A4 sheet. In the scenario there will be six Blenheims operating on a single bomber formation MOVE card but with two AIR GUNNER cards in the pack.The Blenheims represent a ferry flight of replacement aircraft arriving from an Operational Maintenance Unit in Gibraltar. They have been stripped of all unnecessary weight including most of the machine guns, then packed full of essential spares and supplies for the besieged fortress of Malta. I have reduced the ALT, MAN and SPD by one to reflect their overloaded state and have also given them only the dorsal turret gunner as defensive armament

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