Paint Table Saturday 271 - Guard and Skeletons

Hi All,A lot of prep going on this week. Well maybe not a lot, but zero painting occurred.I continued assembling the Lieutenant and command section for my Imperial Guard for the local Rogue Trader campaign at the end of the month. I still need to build a guy with a grenade launcher for the squad and build a Sergeant for the command section. Still not sure what to do about the Vox Caster guy. Pictured above is the Lt, two man Lascannon, Medic and Orderly (carrying the platoon banner. Still not sure how to handle the difference between the old shoulder mounted lascannon (laszooka) and the 2nd Ed forward crew served Lascannon.Death Riders basing is finally finished. I need to base coat that and some of the missed spots on teir under carriages.I also did some base work on the catapult crew. I don't remember points values right now, but I think the cavalry and the engine with crew will get me to the 200 points I need for the OWAC this month.Lastly I finished the base work on these gents. My intention is to prime t

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