3 500 km to Austerlitz no. 2: Part 4

In our last episode, I reported that the French were "looking good" across the battlefield. This left us pondering, could it all be over by lunchtime (in real time and also game time)?Before I launch into what occurred on Saturday, the third day of the game, I'd like to reply to some questions that were asked in response to my previous post.Looking down the driveway at the venue for the game, aka Tim and Jill's garage. We were 15 players in all, including me; seven French and eight allied.The game began on Thursday evening (3/1), after a barbecue dinner, around 18:00; or perhaps it was more like 19:00? Anyway, that night we played about ten turns (I think), finishing around 22:00 or so—each turn representing about 15 minutes of real time. The turns that night were reported in part two of this series of posts.On Friday (4/1) we re-commenced play at 09:00, with a brief break for morning tea, about an hour for lunch, a rolling afternoon tea and further time out for dinner. We c

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