Maybe we dodged the Armageddon?

Hello.It would appear that the Google issues have held off so far... so maybe things will continue to go relatively unscathed. Who knows?Welcome to Inso's World again and this week has pretty much been the same as last week... plenty of work, plenty of chores and I am still running everything because my wife is still poorly.That said, I managed to escort her to the car, yesterday and we went and sat by the sea with a coffee so that she could get some proper fresh air. It's the second time I have managed to get her out of the house in three weeks (the first was to go to the doctors).Anyway... this week's hobby has revolved around the Predator hunting team so without further ado, here is Poncho:Click the Pic!... and here is Hawkins:Click the Pic!As you can see, they are not copies of the team but they do have facets of their counterparts. I have started work on Mac and he will have a scorpion to deal with.In other hobby news, I have been struggling to stay focused because I am tired and my creative mind has bee

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