The Men Who Would Be Kings: Isandhlwana - the Refight

So following our recreation of the heroic defence of Rorke's Drift on the 140th anniversary (plus one day) we rolled up at BIG the following Sunday for an all day refight of Isandhlwana!Using The Men Who Would Be Kings again, we upped the force levels to 48 points and decided to use the Zulu regeneration rules that had worked well enough during the Rorke's Drift battle.The 'Horns of the Buffalo' looked very intimidating to the thin red (and undercoat white) line...I decided to try and get into stabby hand-to-hand combat as quickly as possible and advance At The Double, but some of my units were not too keen, notably on the left flank...And those that advanced soon found themselves under fire by the 24th and George's Irregular Cavalry...The attack on the left flank had turned into a bit of a mess with units getting Pinned.Meanwhile the right flank was advancing more successfully......but the cannon fire and rifles of the 24th cut down many brave Zulu warriors!On the left one unit managed to get in stabby asseg

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