Sunday evening round up.

No pressure, but Hammerhead is less than a month away on the 2nd March.I committed to putting on a Haitian game several months ago but it's only today when I got the mail that it dawned on me how close it is.Hammerhead is my favourite show of the year, there is always a great buzz about the show, I think it is the fact that everyone puts on a participation game which means that gamers come ready to talk to one another rather than rushing round and picking up orders.I have an idea for a game but just need to tweak the mechanics to allow for a quick turnaround of games and players, I also need some extra troops for the game so I best put my foot down on the painting front.If you are around on the Saturday come and stop by.I managed to get a further Slave unit complete this week, armed with stakes, knives and swords they are great in the first round and then not so good after that, but only 3 points in Sharp Practice they can make quite an impact on the table top if you can get them to close.The standard is the

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