Imperial Knights - House Corvus Twins in manufactorum pt11. Decals

Before the decals I had a little highlight to do on the black panels, a mix of stippling and drybrushing Incubi Darkness with the stippled on craft acrylic texture helping to make the lo-fi highlighting seem natural.We all know drybrushing can look scruffy when compared with wet blending or even edge highlights but on rough texture it's ideal because the texture itself blends the roughness of the highlight. I think it says a lot that I was almost reluctant to add the decals after doing it!But I forged on regardless because I really wanted to add a lot! Too much?I liked how the Warglaives looked with their cogs on the black, back part of the shoulder pad.But they were an absolute nightmare to position, you can see it's creased but I'll fix that with battle damage. I followed Duncan's guide again, but even with the dags around the rivets and some decal softener it was far from straightforward. This has been coated in Lahmian Medium too, which was a challenge as it initially looked like the gloss varnish was not

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