Tau recon units done

So the Piranhas and Tetras are done and waiting to get based. For some reason I wasn’t able to get the highlights done as precisely as the other vehicles but I still think they look good. Onslaught Miniatures sells the vehicles in sets of five but the units in E:A can come in sixes so I will be forced to put in a Piranha into my Tetra unit to make a full unit. I should have taken this into account when I made my order but given how many other things I forgot… Once I make another order I will be able to put out pure Tetra and Piranha units as I want to be able to do. The Piranha has Guided Missiles while the Tetra has markerlights so there seems to be almost no point in mixing them. I am actually looking forward to being able to field a unit of both just to Sustained Fire a group of Piranhas at a unit that the Tetras are hitting with markerlights. Fun!

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