A Harsh Lesson in Kickstarter

I've pledged to several kickstarters and I'm happy to say that I'm at 100% fulfillment so far, meaning that everything I've pledged for has or is expected to deliver.Not everyone is so lucky.Just recently, the Idaho Statesmen did a business feature about Ninja Division and the fact that they have not yet delivered on 3 million dollars in pledges made to their kickstarters.It got $3M through Kickstarter. But this Idaho biz hasn’t delivered games it promised will take you to the article, though I don't know what their archive/paywall structure looks like.The little table-top game maker based in Garden City was on a roll. It was close to $5 million in annual sales. Its Kickstarter campaigns had racked up $3 million from enthusiastic backers across the globe, eager to throw money into the pot for a new game from Ninja Division.“A lot of Kickstarter is loyalty,” Deke Stella, marketing director for Ninja Division, told the Idaho Statesman in 2016. “Most Kickstarters pull in a couple hundred backers. We pretty

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