Emperor's Children vs Ravenguard 1500 points Batrep

I am currently running a 40k League over at the club, TSA, and tonight I descended my ivory tower and finally gotten to play my first battle.Opposing me was Sven and his Ravenguard, a guy I know for over a decade, but for some reason this will be the first time I play him in a game.Now, I'll tell a bit more about the league in a post one of these days, and the "why I decided to run it, but it was also a personal failure for me tonight, as for the first time in ever I had to proxy... because I forgot to pack 2 models, namely my warlord (now represented by the hut of Baba Yaga) and Dark Apostle (who looks like an animal totempole today).  Sigh... any way, no "full painted army" bonus for me today (which is something I'll also talk about in the league post soonish)....But right, let's see if we can add something new to the Altar of Slaanesh tonight...I brought along some units I hadn't used before, like my large unit of close combat marines and my Sonic Dreadnought.  The characters where a Warlord, a D

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