Towing the Line

We're a month and a half into 2019, and I'm only half a month late with my first "monthly" post. This is going... not "well", exactly, but maybe "close to adequate".So let's crack on. In 2015, Warlord released the Germany Strikes! book, which Pete and I acquired almost immediately. Now, just 4 short years later, we're in danger of actually playing one of the scenarios.We're planning to tackle the battle of Orp first. It's a tank battle so requires both forces to be entirely mobilised, and the French force also needs to be based around the Somua S35.I already had two S35s, from Blitzkrieg miniatures, which I painted back in November. I needed one more, and fortunately I had one from Warlord that I'd had lying around for an embarrassing amount of time.Painting this made me wish I'd gone for Warlord models for the other two!It's a much more detailed model, and was also a lot easier to paint. I think this is mainly because it wasn't so heavily caked in release agent as the Blitzkrieg versions. It scales with them

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