Kut Al Amara : Dec 1915 Scenario/ AAR

Christmas at Yarkshire Gamer is Mesopotamia time, each year we try and get the WW1 in the East collection out and recreate the battles which occurred in modern day Iraq. So far we have followed the British and Empire Forces (most troops in the "British" army where actually from the Indian Sub Continent) up the river Tigris through various adventures up to the Battle of Ctesphion where they fell short of the glittering prize that is Bagdad. If you want to follow our previous Mesopotamian excursions click on the 28mm WW1 in the East tab on the right of this post.Arabs in Turkish Service waiting for the signal to go over the topLast year we refought the little known Action at Umm al Tubul which saw the British fighting off a Turkish force as they were falling back to the town of Kut. From there the Turkish holed up the Empire troops in a lengthy siege. I wanted to recreate the siege in some way and was reading the Official British History of the Campaign (Vol 2) when I stumbled across a short account of a Turkis

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