Battle Report: Guild Ball 2/17/2019 Butcher's vs Hunter's

With Bourbon Trail Open IV fast approaching this weekend, and missing out on an event this past Saturday, my son and I were able to squeeze in a game last night.I felt like playing a change today, so I went with 'Fillet' as my Captain to get a little bit more practice with her, but I was actually stunned when I saw my son throw down 'Skatha' instead of 'Theron'.  This was definitely going to be a little different now. FilletPrincessBoilerV OxBrisketBoar SkathaSnowV MinxSeenahChaskaUlfrI do not recall all the exact details, but here quick breakdown: Hunter's went up early 4-0 with a Screamer Goal from 'Skatha'.  Butcher's came back with a Taken Outs to make the game 4-2.  When 'Skatha' came back onto the Pitch, she managed to retrieve the ball and go in for another score giving the Hunter's a 8-2 lead.  The Butcher's Goal Kick was placed perfectly for 'Brisket' to activate and go on a goal run herself.... Screaming Goal for 'Brisket', 8-6 Hunter's.  Butcher's then were able t

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