Skirmish at Little Snoring

An unusual one for us - Very British Civil War 1938 - using Setting the East Ablaze rules !A Royal Party are en route to the airport but are taking a break at the Police Station at Little Snoring, protected by BUF, Army and Police units.However, the Anglican League have got word of this interlude and forces have been dispatched to stop the Royals escaping.Our flimsy excuse for a small battle !  Mike and I had the Royalists, Bob and Allan the Anglicans.Here's the village of Little Snoring - the Royal Party are in the Police Station at the far end of the board. Forces are massing already !The church is the dominant feature in the centre of the villageThe Police have set up a road block at the T Junction by the cottagesBut they are facing the wrong direction - Anglican League forces appear in the fields and up the road where the Lyons van has quickly been turned round to provide some protection.and more Anglican League forces move down the High Road including an armoured carBUF troops quickly take defensive

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