Judgement Previews: Earth Elemental

From the Judgement News BlogShrines in the 54mm Judgement game are objectives you control that help generate the game's main action resource: Fate. However, they're adding a twist, and a new model that they can produce, by making character shrines.Basically you control the shrine and you can pay Fate to keep the Earth Elemental on your team. It's slow, though, and paying Fate every turn to keep him while losing the shrine that helped you generate said Fate is going to be a bit of a challenge.I suppose someone could play gutsy and control both shrines. Generate fate at one and turn the other one into Terra. That should be hilarious if anyone is able to capitalize on anything like that.This was kind of a lazy post. I've been holed up all day with illness. Hoping to make more time for hobby tomorrow.

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