Wrath and Glory Gaming Weekend

This past weekend was my annual gaming weekend. The tradition started off, about 15 years ago, as Tim's Miniature Wargaming Birthday Bash - Basically, I invited a bunch of my closest wargaming buddies over, on my birthday, for an evening of miniature combat on a large-ish scale. I believe that first one was Operation Biting - A British Airborne Raid on the French Coast in February of 1942 - before I'd even started this blog! Around the fourth year it turned into a weekend long mini-convention with about five or six largish games being played over an entire weekend. After that, some years it was just a one night/one day affair, others it was all weekend long. For the 8th Annual Wargaming Birthday Bash/Winter Wargaming Weekend (as it, by then, was being called) I ran my first weekend-long DBA CAMPAIGN!! Since then, every other year, it seems, I've run skirmish campaign weekends - Ronin, Frostgrave, Shadow War: Armageddon...This year, I had originally planned to run a Kill Team weekend campaign - along the lines

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