Sherman Stowage in 28mm

This looks like the contents of my loft!I'm now completely bogged down by a back log of work, having had no time over the weekend to keep up to date, so much so that I had to bail out of the Iron Cross game last night to mark a Year 8 set of books for today. How rubbish is that? I did get the 1/72nd scale resin stowage for the What a Tanker! project in the post yesterday, which cheered me up a lot, as it is really nice and will be great for loading up the 1/72nd scale US Shermans for that 'late war' on campaign look. I'll add some to the models I've already built as soon as I get the time.This way to the stowage men!I was so impressed that I have now ordered a set of stowage in 1/56th / 1/48th to use on my 1/48th scale Corgi Sherman M4A3's, which I originally re-painted for Bolt Action a few years ago but which are now destined for Iron Cross. I've never been happy with these, as they look far too 'bare' and lack the 'pile it on with kit and sandbags' look. They also need some snow camouflage I think, to matc

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