Mahoosive Camels!

Whats that coming over the hill? Is it a Monster ?Or is it a Museum Miniatures Midianite Bedouin Camel?Having bought a dozen of the aforementioned creatures recently to flesh out an allied contingent for my Assyrians my plan was to use some old Essex bow-armed camel riders I had kicking about as the Light Camels and use the double-crewed Midianite ones as the Medium Camelry with bows in the core Early Bedouin ally.Museum figures are made of a really strong but pliable metal compound, so tweaking one of the bowmen's arms and cutting off his bow to turn him into a flag holder to create a Commander/General figure was fairly easy to do;But just have a look how these beasts compare size-wise to the Essex camels !They are great figures, even allowing for the single pose - but boy are they huge!

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