Battle Report – Adeptus Titanicus – Legio Krytos vs. Legio Astorum

  Legio Krytos returns to face the Warp Runners in another 1500pt Matched Play game! Some mistakes in this game; 1) When an attack damages a weapon on a model with a Carapace weapon the actual roll to determine which is hit is 1-2 Left, 3-4 Carapace, 5-6 Right. We missed that Special isn’t the Carapace location in this edition. 2) Damage rolls of 1 are always superficial, regardless of strength. 3) Draining on the Quick Reference says advance the Reacter, the rulebook says push. We assume the Rulebook is actually correct in this case and that we shouldn’t have trusted the Quick Ref. 4) Jury is out on how many times a Stratagem can be used as the rulebook unfortunately isn’t clear.

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