Ghosts of the Moor (Tasty Minstrel Games) Review

A Spooky, Treasure-Laden Trek Better run from those ghosts… or (gulp!) bring them with you! Ghosts of the Moor is the sort of game I would’ve loved as a child: it has an evocative theme, quality components, and some basic–yet significant choices. Fortunately, I had the opportunity (in the form of a review copy) to play this small-box title with my own kid, age 5, who thoroughly enjoyed winning against Dear Old Dad. But, what sort of game is it? Here’s the basics, before we venture out into the moor!   The Ghosts of the Moor Experience Our intrepid treasure hunters are set to explore the haunted moor! Artwork Before we turn to gameplay, I have to say, the art pulled me and my kid into the game. She admired the treasure tokens scattered along the track, and commented on which ones she hoped to snag, as well as which ghosts looked the spookiest (“the number 2 ghost is hideous!”). I personally admired the little explorer meeples, with their pith helmets and arms outstretc

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