Fistful of Lead: Tales of Horror- The Black Heart of Darkness

Hello, my Dearies. Grandpa Gruesome here with another Tale of Horror.It seems that nasty vampire Baron Blackheart is up to his old tricks, feeding on the locals, stealing young girls to make into his brides and generally terrorizing the countryside.You know, having fun.But the regional powers are trying to enter the 20th century and they just can't this sort of thing going on. Enter the do gooders. They're trying to destroy Baron Blackheart's tombs, leaving him with nowhere to go come sun up. The Baron, his brideLucretia, his loyal cossack guards and some locals... Simon Strange, Occult Investigator Dutch Oven and his crew of the dirigible Indestructible IITut-tut, danger magnet. The Cult of Cyclopss. The Baron's unwitting StoogesVictor Von Zombie and his latest creation. The evening began with a nice "Welcome to the neighborhood" from Von Zombie when he blasted his arch nemesis Dutch Oven with submachine gun fire. The poor old Colonel went down. Dutch's crew responded by chuckin

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