Agathon, the Voice in the Darkness

Everyone refers to Agathon as "it," so we'll not assume its anything here othe rthan to say that it is a Master among the Infernals. Like the other Infernal masters, Agathon sits on a large base, making it an easy target aside from the fact that it likes to summon horrors every turn.In the latest update, they gave it Dark Mysteries. If you kill a Marked Soul (one of the ubiquitous cultists, perhaps) in its considerable 18" control area, Agathon gets to cast a spell for free. To me that means that it will like having Cultists on the table. Like, a lot of Cultists. Like, enough Cultists that you have to kill one if you can.The spells Agathon can cast are a strange swiss army knife of abilities. It can can cast Censure, a form of dispel that can be countered by taking damage. Curse of shadows as an armor debuff. Nuke from 12" with Dark Fire. Control with Dark Seduction. Nuke with Hellmouth.Agathon can cast Teleport out of activation.They seem to have taken Hellbound away from Agathon, though, so now casting a Da

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