Warhammer Underworlds Shadespire Chosen Axes - TO DONE!

I finished the Chosen Axes just before the end of the last Hobby Season, but I didn't take my TO DONE! pics, well apart from one for the end of the season review.With Garrek's Reavers done I thought I'd do all three warbands in one sitting and I ended up loving the Camera360 shots so much I didn't even bother with my digital camera - too much faffing.It's really weird to look at these now, I haven't really paid them much attention since I finished and I'm pleasantly surprised what I actually did.I'm not 100% convinced about the grey on the base, but the flock and skulls are OK.Individual facing shots [where appropriate]. Gratuitous 360° rotation.I can honestly say right now I don't quite know how I did the gold on that axe head. I need to go back and see if there are any tips. It might just be my standard brassy bronze with some extra highlights but that's what I'll go for on my Deathwing Knights when I get round to them.Gratuitous 360° rotation.Gratuitous 360° rotation.Gratuitous 360° rotation.And on a white

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