The Battle of d'Artenay-Pas-Vraiment - 1870 A Franco-Prussian batrep

Last weekend the Rejects got together for our first Franco-Prussian game in 2 years. Here's a link to the last game in 2017. The figures are owned by Reject Richard, so he reffed the game, which meant Postie would get a very usual game where he wasn't in charge!!!It should have been a 10 o'clock start but 2 naughty boys turned up late!!!! Lee (link to Lee's post) and Surj. Lee got stuck the wrong side of the QE2 bridge due to high winds while Surj completely forgot about the game!!!Anyway 2 hours later than scheduled me and James picked out the French, while Surj, Postie and Lee picked out the Prussians.The SetupThis is a hypothetical scenario based on the military situation at the time. August and September of 1870 have seen the irresistible onslaught of the Prussian War Machine against an ill-prepared and poorly lead French Army. The Prussians and their allies under the direction on Moltke have swept the Imperial French forces from the North and have commenced the siege of Paris. Ho

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