Late War M4 Shermans (W.I.P.)

I have done very little this week apart from assembling one Armourfast M4 Sherman, which I have modified by removing the sand skirts, adding an extra plastic card layer to the applique armour panels over the ammunition bins and armour sheets over the driver and co-driver positions. In this configuration it's good for 1944-45, as a late model up-armoured M4 rather than the earlier version.I've also converted a turret from a spare Armourfast Sherman Firefly kit so that I can have a second M4 with an open commander cupola, simply by blocking off and filling in the loader's hatch then adding the gun mounting from the standard M4 and a commander figure from the PSC M5A1 kit. I need to add an armour panel to the turret front right hand side and convert the hull by removing the sand skirts but it's coming along nicely. 

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