Cruel Seas Conversion Continued

 S-38b with 40mm Bofors mounting aftI need a break from tank modelling, so thought I'd dig out the Cruel Seas S-Boat flotilla and get it painted before the holidays in a couple of weeks time. I have a full flotilla of S-Boats to assemble and paint including five S-100 class and one converted S-38b class mid-war craft. I want to make a second one of the S-38b's so that I have the full complement for the 5th S-Boat flotilla c1944.This means I'll need to do another cut and shut conversion and scratchbuild a 40mm bofors mounting for the stern gun position. I was going to use a 10mm bofors gun for this but instead I will probably just adapt one of the 37mm guns from the Cruel Seas S-Boat sprue using a metal pin for the barrel and a magazine from plastic card.There's a 40mm bofors in the US weapons set but I can't justify the cost of that for just a couple of guns!

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