"House F" - TUTORIAL

Are your parents pissing you off?You want to move out but have no place to go?Or maybe you need some cover for sniper in Bolt Action game?Build yourself a house then!A while back we got some terrain pieces for Bolt Action game - one of them was "House F" from Black Grom Studio. That 2-floor building turned out so useful during our fighting manoeuvres, that we got even more Black Grom stuff shortly after.Not mentioning the fact it looks just supercool on the battlefield...While working on the previous one I learnt some stuff, which might be useful for anyone who'd like to get decent looking terrain pieces quite fast and with least effort possible.You kids ready? Let's start!This is how the stuff looks like straight from the box.Just like before: customer service and delivery was just top notch! Although I got some more buildings but for the start I decided to build additional "House F". It's simply large enough to provide a cover for any vehicle in Bolt Action game.Not mentioning the fact you can hide 2 s

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