HMVS Cerberus

Updated online history section at the Royal Australian Navy website here: Cerberus (HMVS)TypeCoastal Defence Turret Ship/Ironclad Breastwork MonitorBuilderPalmer Shipbuilding & Iron CoLaid Down1 September 1867Launched1 December 1869CommissionedApril 1871DecommissionedApril 1921FateSold April 1924 and scuttled as a breakwater at Black Rock, Victoria 2 September 1926Dimensions & DisplacementDisplacement3340 tons PerformanceSpeed9 knots ComplementCrew82 (normal) up to 155 PropulsionMachinery2 x Maudsley, Son & Field steam engines Horsepower250 ArmamentGuns4 x 10-inch Armstrong Rifle Muzzle-loading guns2 x 6-pounders4 x Gatling guns4 x 1-inch four-barrelled Nordenfelt gunsThe passing of the Colonial Naval Defence Act, 1865empowered the Australian colonies to officially acquire warships and to raise and maintain seamen to serve in such vessels.Of all the Australian colonies, Victoria put the most effort into her naval

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