AHPC9 Donnybrook - Highlander Master of Hounds & Bard

Yes I know.....more Donnybrook!But you can never have enough of a good thing....right?In the Highlander army list in Donnybrook, one of the characters you may use is"The Master of Hounds"The Scots figure is a standard bearer from pack SKU : JFR20 in Reiver Castings Jacobite range.With his left arm chopped off a repositioned.I wasn't sure how and what to use for the dogs lead or whether or not to have one at all.In the end I went with some plane and simple fuse wire.Which I think works pretty well?The Hounds are from Gripping Beast pack PCT14 Pict pack Master & Hounds"The Master of Hounds controls a pack of hunting dogs bred by the Clan. He is armed with a short sword and controls 3 dogs. When they attack the player rolls a d3. The result is the number of dogs who lunge that turn. Add the Master to the attack. So at full strength there will be 4 attacks, while the minimum is 2. The dogs do not check morale when taking casualties and fight to the death. If the Master loses all his dogs he fights on alo

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